QMC leads the industry in intelligent submetering solutions. They believe in a more intelligent, user-friendly way to integrate meters and submetering solutions into today’s building projects.

QMC helps building owners and occupants conserve energy and save money through the submetering of a building’s utilities: electricity, water, thermal and gas. Vancouver-based with offices across Canada, QMC has both hands-on experience in the field, and extensive knowledge of utility billing, analytics, and conservation.

Industry Certified

QMCs industry certifications include Measurement Canada Accreditation A-170, BOMA BC, BOMA Calgary, BOMA Toronto, and Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP).




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For stand-alone and large commercial water submeter applications, Hamdon supplies Badger RTR water meters. American-made and know[...]


Current Transformers

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Hamdon Energy Solutions provides a wide range of solid-core and split-core current transformers (CTs) of all amperages. Solid[...]


Digital Socket Meters

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Hamdon supplies Itron digital socket meters for tenant metering at residential and recreational properties. The electricity meter[...]


Gas Metering Systems

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Gas meter pricing is dependent on BTU load, pipe size and pressure and some other calculations, such as elevation or temperature c[...]



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For automated water submeter systems, QMC supplies GWF M-Bus enabled meters. This Swiss-made meter line offers top-of-the-line acc[...]


GWF Thermal (BTU) Meters

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Hamdon utilizes the GWF line of thermal (BTU) meters for residential, commercial and institutional applications. Manufactured in [...]


M-Bus Water Meter Systems

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For automated water submeter systems, QMC supplies GWF M-Bus enabled meters. This Swiss-made meter line offers top-of-the-line acc[...]


Onicon Thermal Meter

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Hamdon utilizes the Onicon line of insertion thermal meter products for retrofit applications where system shutdowns are not poss[...]


Quadlogic – RSM5 Meter

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The RSM5 is a revenue grade single-point CT-rated meter. Numerous communications options and can accept pulse inputs from up to 4 [...]


Scan Transponder

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The Scan Transponder is Quadlogic’s power-line carrier ‘hub’. It communicates with all Quadlogic meters within a property us[...]


Triacta Meters

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Triacta Power Technologies is a Canadian manufacturer multi-tenant metering products. They are Measurement Canada approved and of[...]


Wireless Water Meters

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Wireless encoded hot and cold water submeters system with wireless communication capabilities. Multi-residential and retail develo[...]