Triacta Meters

Triacta Power Technologies is a Canadian manufacturer multi-tenant metering products. They
are Measurement Canada approved and offer a wide range of advanced, open-protocol
communications options. These meters are ideal for installation in today’s intelligent buildings
which require interconnectivity of meter data with several user groups, including building
automation systems, energy management software and third party billing venders. QMC
supplies, tests & seals, and provide S-E-04 inspections for Triacta Power Technologies meters.

Key Features:

  • 4000 Series for information-only metering; 6000 Series for billing application.
  • Models have capacity of up to 40 current transformers (20 residential customers).
  • Small capacity models are available; the Powerhawk 6303 has 6 current transformers for 2 commercial loads.
  • Measurement Canada approved Reverification period of 6 or 10 years.
  • Very cost-effective for multi-tenants.
  • Type-approved current transformers (easy reverification – just remove meter head).
  • Multiple communications options (Ethernet, BACNet IP [BTL listed]).


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