Hamdon Energy Solutions (formerly Hamdon Wellsite Solutions) has been a leading supplier of products and services to the oil and gas industry since 1996. Hamdon strives to provide its customers with high quality products, leading edge technology and value-added services with a focus on drilling completion, production optimization and regulatory compliance, while maintaining a safe working environment.

At Hamdon Energy Solutions we are continually sourcing new equipment and software to optimize your assets from reservoir analysis, drilling and cement testing equipment to production optimization product and services.We are the exclusive Canadian distributor for Fann Instrument Company, a leader in manufacturing instruments for drilling fluids analysis since 1939. Hamdon Energy Solutions acquired Senior Tech and Systech (Echometer Division) to become the leading Echometer distributor in Canada, providing sales, service and technical support. Together, we bring leading edge testing, equipment, production optimization products, services and training to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for upstream oil and gas producers and service companies across Canada and around the globe.

Whether it is equipment sales, support or routine equipment maintenance, Hamdon’s dedicated team of engineers and technicians use both their product knowledge and hands-on experience to provide all customers with valuable information which enables them to make the best decision on products and services to meet the needs of their operation.


Hamdon Energy Solutions has expanded into the Utlities industry, providing intelligent submetering solutions to residential, commercial and industrial clients.