Echometer Recorders

SeniorTech (now Hamdon Energy Solutions) is able to provide our customers with the full line of Echometer products. Our Well Analyzer systems can be sold as complete kits (recommended) or we can supply individual components. We also offer equipment maintenance and training support. Our certified technicians have extensive experience in the repair of Echometer units and gas guns.


Model E Well Analyzer

Part Number: EQ1060

Well Management Instrument Echometer’s Model 'E' Digital Well Analyzer is an integrated artificial lift data acquisition and di[...]

Model H Digital Recorder

Part Number: EQ0750

The Echometer Model H is a stand alone, battery powered microprocessor controlled digital acoustic signal processor, recorder and [...]

Model M Chart Recorder

Part Number: EQ0500

The Echometer Model M is used in conjunction with an acoustic gas gun to determine the distance to the liquid level in the casing [...]

Wireless Well Analyzer

Part Number:

Echometer’s Wireless Well Analyzer consists of a Wireless Base Station (with GPS wellsite location) directly connected to the US[...]