Echometer Acoustic Wellheads

Echometer’s Gas Guns are intended for use with Acoustic Liquid Level Instruments. Assemblies consist of single unit gas gun and microphone. A gun generates a pressure pulse. A microphone converts acoustic pressure pulses into an electrical signal. The gun and microphone are normally supplied together as a unit.

The gun generates a single pressure pulse which travels down the casing annulus and is reflected by collars and the liquid level. The reflected pressure waves deflect the microphone and generate an electrical signal. The electrical signal, is fed to the computerized Well Analyzer which automatically processes the signal or to an amplifier-recorder which amplifies, filters and records the signals on a strip chart. All gas guns are constructed from 316 stainless steel and are suitable for H2S and corrosive service.


15000 PSI Gas Gun

Part Number: EQ1400

The High Pressure Gas Gun operates in implosion mode only, up to 15000 psi. The microphone is extremely rugged however it is not n[...]

5000 PSI Gas Gun

Part Number: EQ1410

The 5000 psi Gas Gun is a manually operated gas gun used on wells where the wellhead pressure is in excess of 1500 psi. It is idea[...]

Compact Gas Gun

Part Number: EQ1100

The Compact Gas Gun offers superior performance due to its rugged, noise-canceling, dual-disk microphone. The gun consists of a 10[...]

Remote Fire Gas Gun

Part Number: EQ1115

The Remote Fire Gas Gun offers the convenience of not having to manually open the gas valve on the gun to generate the pressure wa[...]