Echometer Transducers

Echometer’s precision transducers are used to measure pressure, temperature, load, acceleration, and motor power/current. SeniorTech (now Hamdon Energy Solutions) carries most units in stock and can usually ship within 24 hours.


4” Horseshoe Dynamometer Transducer

Part Number: DY0200

The 4" Horseshoe Dynamometer transducer accurately measures polished rod load using 12 strain gauges, mounted on three supporting [...]

50K Horseshoe Dynamometer Transducer

Part Number: DY0950

The 50K Horseshoe Dynamometer system is designed to facilitate installation of the horseshoe load cell, and to eliminate measureme[...]

Current Transducer

Part Number: DY0400

A current transducer is used to measure motor current. This allows the operator to view the approximate loadings on the motor an[...]

Polished Rod Dynamometer Transducer

Part Number: DY0100

A popular and versatile transducer that gathers accurate data with minimal effort. The data gathered by the device allows for the[...]

Power Current Transducer

Part Number: EQ1180

The power current transducer is used for measurement of motor power and current. The amount of power that the motor uses can be me[...]

Pressure Transducer

Part Number: WG3500

The Pressure Transducer has a rugged design and is accurate over a wide range of temperatures. It can be easily attached to the[...]