Drilling Fluids Testing

Drilling fluid tests are performed in the field and/or laboratory to evaluate the properties and characteristics of the fluid, and to determine its performance limitations. Laboratory testing aids in fluid design and expands the capacity to monitor and evaluate fluids when field-testing procedures prove inadequate. Some laboratory tests are identical to field-testing methods, whereas others are unique to the laboratory environment.

Hamdon Energy Solutions provides a wide range of Fann Instrument Company field and laboratory equipment to conduct testing in the following areas:

Laboratory Supplies & Regeants


Aniline Point
Blenders and Mixers
Chemical Analysis
Corrosion Monitoring
Differential Sticking Tester
DYNAMIC HPHT® Filtration System
Electrical Stability
EP / Lubricity Tester
Field Portable Test Kits
Filtration – API (LPLT)
Filtration (Dynamic HPHT)
Filtration (HPHT)
Lost Circulation Material
Methylene Blue Test Kit
Mud Balances
Oil Water Solids
Permeability Tests
рН Testing
Roller Ovens
Sag Testing
Sand Content
Shale Test
Shear Strength (Shearometer)
Wet Sieve Analysis


APPA Models 389AP/MC

Part Number:

Automated Permeability Plugging Apparatus (APPA) The Automated Permeability Plugging Apparatus (APPA), Model 389AP is a high pres[...]

AutoCalcimeter – Model 442

Part Number:

The AutoCalcimeter determines the amount of calcium carbonate (CaCO3 or calcite) and calcium magnesium carbonate (CaMg(CO3)2 or d[...]

Basic Mud Test Kit

Part Number:

The Basic Mud Test Kit is designed to provide the basic drilling fluid testing equipment required for field testing of water based[...]

DNA System

Part Number:

The Fann DNA (Digital Network Adapter) system is proprietary software and hardware used to connect multiple Fann Instrument Compan[...]

Filter Press API (LPLT)

Part Number:

The Series 300 LPLT Filter Press (API Filter Press) is the most effective means of determining the filtration properties of drilli[...]

HPHT Filter Press – Model HT4700

Part Number:

The HT4700 HPHT Filter Press is designed for safe and efficient high temperature, high pressure fluid loss testing that meets AP[...]

HPHT Filter Press (500 ml)

Part Number:

The Fann 500 ml HPHT Filter Press unit can be pressurized to 1800 psig on the cell and 750 psig on the back pressure receiver. Max[...]

HPHT Safe Cell

Part Number:

Fann Instrument Company introduces the HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature) Safe Cell, offering a unique combination of safety, [...]

iX77® Rheometer

Part Number:

The iX77® Rheometer is a coaxial cylinder type rheometer designed to measure fluid rheologies under high pressures and temperatur[...]

Linear Swell Meter

Part Number:

The Fann Linear Swell Meter Model 2100 (LSM) helps determine shale hydration or dehydration by measuring the increase or decrease [...]

Model 35 Viscometer

Part Number:

The Fann Model 35 Viscometer is widely known as the “Standard of the Industry” for drilling fluid viscosity measurements. The [...]

Mud Balance – Model 140

Part Number:

The Fann Mud Balance provides a simple, practical method for the accurate determination of fluid density. The temperature of the d[...]

RheoVADR® Rheometer

Part Number:

The Fann RheoVADR® Variable Automated Digital Rheometer gives new meaning to the term “stand-alone.” No Computer Needed An [...]

Roller Oven – Models 704ET & 705ET

Part Number:

Fann Model 704ET and Model 705ET roller ovens are primarily designed for laboratory use. These roller ovens provide an excellent [...]

Temperature Controller – Model 740

Part Number:

The Model 740 Temperature Controller is a compact digital instrument designed to monitor and control heating process applications.[...]

TRU-WATE™ Mud Balance – Model 141

Part Number:

With the TRU-WATE™ Balance, the density of a fluid sample, such as cement slurry, can be measured in a fixed volume sample under[...]