Oil Well Cement Testing

Cement is used to hold casing in place and to prevent fluid migration between subsurface formations. The use of API testing procedures over the years has created a large body of experience-based knowledge about slurry performance in specific geological formations in the wellbore. By using these specifications as a basis, cement testing instruments are used to more accurately measure rheological properties and compressive strength in order to better predict cement slurry performance under downhole conditions.

Hamdon Energy Solutions offers a wide range of API specified Fann Instrument Company instruments used to conduct the required chemical and physical tests of oil well cements.

Equipment Includes

Blenders and Mixers
Compressive Strength
Fluid Loss Test
Thickening Time Tests
Ultrasonic Cement Testing



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The Multiple Analysis Cement System (MACS II®) instrument performs static gel strength tests on cement slurry samples. The MACS [...]

Marsh Funnel Viscometer

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The Marsh Funnel is a simple device for indicating viscosity on a routine basis. When used with a measuring cup the funnel gives a[...]

Static Fluid Loss Test Assembly

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The Fluid Loss Test Assembly provides a reliable means of determining the fluid loss characteristics of an oil well cement. Fluid [...]