APPA Models 389AP/MC

Automated Permeability Plugging Apparatus (APPA)

The Automated Permeability Plugging Apparatus (APPA), Model 389AP is a high pressure, high temperature instrument designed to perform permeability plugging tests. This instrument automatically controls temperature and pressure. The advantage of this design is that operators can study filtration at higher differential pressures.

New automated features have been added, and APPA Model 389AP/MC with Automated Filtration Measurement & Control is now available.


Part No. 102557625 – Automated Permeability Plugging Apparatus with Measurement & Control component installed, Model 389AP/MC

Part No. 101967987 – Automated Permeability Plugging Apparatus, Model 389AP

Part No. 102484770 – Measurement and Control component for Model 389AP

Part No. 102308743 – Lost Circulation Material Evaluation Receiver