AutoCalcimeter – Model 442

The AutoCalcimeter determines the amount of calcium carbonate (CaCO3 or calcite) and calcium magnesium carbonate (CaMg(CO3)2 or dolomite) in alkaline earth carbonate samples – such as oil well cores or drill cuttings. Calcite or dolomite buildup in drilling fluids and water treatment process causes scaling problems, and data from the Fann AutoCalcimeter can help determine the most optimal chemical treatment.

This instrument is in compliance with ASTM D 4373-84: Standard Test Method for Calcium Carbonate Content in Soils.

Ordering Information

Part No. 102452754 – AutoCalcimeter

Includes plastic carrying case, mortar and pestle, pocket digital Weighing scale, CaCO3 compound, HCl, and instruction manual.


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