Consistometer HPHT – Model 422 & 422CC

The Fann Pressurized Consistometers are available in Single Cell and Dual Cell configurations. The Model 422 (single cell) and Model 422CC (dual cell) are specifically designed to measure the thickening time of cement slurries in strict compliance with ISO requirements and API specifications. With high temperatures and pressures applied to the cement, it is possible to simulate a variety of conditions found in actual down-hole well cementing. These models have been tested to temperatures up to 400°F and pressures up to 22,000psi.

These pressurized consistometers have all of the operational controls conveniently located on the front panel. The readout indicators for the viscosity, pressure, and temperature, as well as operational instructions, are easily read from the 12-inch color touch-screen. The consistometers are designed for closure, heating, and pressurization to be achieved quickly. This ensures compliance with the requirement of API schedules.


Part No. 102538934 – Single Cell HPHT Pressurized Consistometer 22,000psi 400°F Model 422

Part No. 102546632 – Dual Cell HPHT Pressurized Consistometer 22,000psi 400°F Model 422CC


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