For automated water submeter systems, QMC supplies GWF M-Bus enabled meters. This Swiss-made meter line offers top-of-the-line accuracy and reliability. M-Bus communications provide absolute register reads, which ensures meter data integrity.

Key Features:

  • Swiss made: quality products provide longer meter life and improved accuracy.
  • Wide range of meter sizes: from ¾” to 6”.
  • High Accuracy so utility costs are recovered: GWF Water solutions meet EN 14154 standards for accuracy – MID (EN1434) is what Measurement Canada will base Canadian standards upon.
  • Installation cost savings: M-Bus provides substantial savings over traditional pulse wiring, especially when thermal and water meters are grouped on one network.
  • Fool-proof wiring: polarity neutral and disconnection is immediately detected.
  • Absolute Data removes lost reads and bill disputes: M-Bus ensures automated systems do not loose consumption values on the meter – the actual register read is what is transmitted.


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