HPHT Cement Consistometer – Models 640 & 640CC

The Fann Pressurized Consistometers are available in Single Cell and Dual Cell configurations. The Model 640 & Model 640CC are designed to measure cement slurries in compliance with API specifications and test schedules. These units can be also used to prepare slurries for the measurement of free water content, viscosity, fluid loss, and rheological properties.

These consistometers have pressure and temperature operating ranges of up to 40,000psi and 600°F . They are supplied with a magnetic drive for the rotational drive of the slurry cup as standard equipment. With high temperatures and pressures applied to the cement, it is possible to simulate a variety of conditions found in actual downhole well cementing. The measured thickening time can then be used to formulate plans for the actual cementing of the well.


Part No. 102538936 – HPHT Consistometer, Single Cell 40,000 psi 600° F Model 640

Part No. 102546634 – HPHT Consistometer, Dual Cell, 40,000 psi 600° F Model 640CC


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