HPHT Static Gel Strength Analyzer – Model 415SGS

Fann HPHT Static Gel Strength Analyzer combines thickening time and static gel strength testing into one easy to use, simple to maintain instrument. Cement slurries are tested at temperatures up to 400°F and pressures up to 15,000 psi. The included software is designed to perform static gel strength tests in accordance with API specifications. The combination of API thickening time testing and static gel strength measurement make this an ideal instrument for testing Oil Well Cements.

The static gel strength of cement slurry is measured using a standard paddle and in the same configuration as a thickening time test. This makes transitioning from thickening time to static gel strength testing instantaneous, simulating downhole conditions.


Part No. 102538946 – HPHT Cement Consisometer/Gel Strength Analyzer 15,000 psi, 400° F Model 415SGS


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