HTHP Curing Chamber – Model 75 Series



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HTHP Curing Chamber Data Sheet

Model 75C-8, 75C-16, 75CC-16

Fann curing chambers are specifically designed to prepare cement samples for comprehensive strength testing in accordance with API specifications. These models operate up to a maximum pressure of 5000psi and up to a maximum temperature of 700°F. These pressurized curing chambers contain pressure vessels with controlled heating rates, and are used to cure standard two-inch cement cube samples. Fann curing chambers are available to cover the wide range of temperatures and pressures associated with actual conditions found in oil well cementing applications. Both single cell with 8 and 16 cubes and dual cell with 16 cubes configured units are available from Fann.


Part No. 102538950 – HTHP Curing Chamber, Single Cell, 8 Cubes, 700°F, 5KPSI Model 75C-8

Part No. 102538942 – HTHP Curing Chamber, Single Cell, 16 Cubes, 700°F, 5KPSI Model 75C-16

Part No. 102538944 – HTHP Curing Chamber, Dual Cell, 16 Cubes, 700°F, 5KPSI Model 75CC-16



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