Hydraulic Horseshoe Dynamometer System



Product Number

EQ1060 / EQ1170

The Hydraulic Horseshoe Dynamometer system uses a 5-inch horseshoe transducer in conjunction with a spool assembly that is permanently located on the well for acquisition and interpretation of:

  • Dynamometer measurements using the 50 KLb Horseshoe Transducer.
  • Electric motor current measurement and analysis simultaneous with dynamometer.

The following summarizes the system configuration and products included in this package:

Additional Information

The 50 KLb transducer is used with a spool assembly that has a 2” tube with end spacers that fits over the polished rod which allows insertion of the 5” horseshoe load cell and an associated hydraulic jack. A hydraulic pump is used to transfer the load on the polished rod to the 5” horseshoe transducer.  This is a very safe and convenient technique for quickly installing a horseshoe type load cell. The 5” horseshoe transducer raises the polished rod only 1/8” so the plunger remains operating in the same portion of the pump barrel.

Included Software

  • TWM 2.0
  • QROD
  • AWP2000
  • Echometer HelpCenter