Model 45 Automatic Programmable Viscometer (APV)

The Model 45 APV (Automatic Programmable Viscometer) allows for customized, preprogrammed test schedules and provides the oil and gas industry with a new standard for accurate and user friendly testing.

This Couette type coaxial viscometer measures the shear stress in the gap between an outer rotating cylinder (rotor) and an inner suspended bob. The viscosity measurements are made by rotating the rotor at a known velocity and measuring the drag (torque) that is exerted on the bob. This measured torque value is then used to compute the viscosity in centipoise and dial units.


  • Springless design improves accuracy and resolution.
  • Measurements over a broad range of viscosity (0 to 30 oz-in of torque).
  • Bi-directional testing functionality.
  • 100% digital measuring technology.
  • Onboard Smart Screen Computer with Windows® 7 touch panel technology.
  • Certified factory calibration.

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Part No. 102410859 Model 45 APV Automatic Programmable Viscometer


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