Plunger Lift Analysis System



Product Number

EQ1060 / EQ1100 / EQ1195

The Plunger Lift Analysis System,  is designed for acquisition and interpretation of:

  • Plunger movement and plunger location.
  • Plunger Lift well performance.
  • Pressure and Plunger location analysis for determination of proper cycle times.

The following summarizes the system configuration and products included in this package:

Additional Information

Using the Well Analyzer to acquire acoustic and pressure signals from a gas gun attached to the tubing, plus pressure data from an additional pressure transducer attached to the casing can optimize the performance of a plunger lift installation. At any point in time during the Plunger Lift's operation cycle, both the position and velocity of the plunger can be accurately determined using this equipment. Monitoring the tubing and casing pressures allows the calculation of gas and liquid flow rates into and out of the casing and tubing, and also the varying flow rates as a function of pressure from the reservoir.  Plunger trace measurements help to ensure that the plunger will reach the bottom of the tubing by the end of the shut-in time period so that all of the liquid in the tubing can be lifted to surface during the plunger unloading cycle. By accurately measuring the plunger fall velocity, the proper shut-in time for the plunger lift installation can be determined. Setting the well to have the shortest possible shut-in time period to allow the plunger to fall to bottom will maximize oil and gas production from plunger lift installations.

The TWM Plunger Lift software includes all necessary elements for acquisition and interpretation of the data and generation of reports and transfer to external databases.

Included Software

  • TWM
  • Plunger Lift software
  • Echometer HelpCenter