Polished Rod Dynamometer System



Product Number

EQ1060 / EQ1140

The Polished Rod Dynamometer System, is designed for acquisition and interpretation of:

  • Dynamometer measurements using the Polished Rod Transducer.
  • Electric motor current measurement and analysis simultaneous with dynamometer.

The following summarizes the system configuration and products included in this package:

Additional Information

The polished rod transducer (PRT) is designed for easy and safe installation and permits the operator to quickly obtain surface dynamometer cards, pump cards and standing and traveling valve tests. After stopping the unit, the operator simply and safely attaches the polished rod transducer to the polished rod in a few seconds.  This highly sensitive transducer outputs a signal indicating change in polished rod diameter caused by the change in rod load during the pumping cycle and the signal is converted to polished rod load data with a typical accuracy of 3-5%.

All dynamometer load cells include a built-in accelerometer from which the software determines velocity and position of the polished rod. The TWM program uses the Wave Equation model to convert the polished rod load and position into the corresponding Pump Dynamometer in order to provide an accurate diagnostic of the operation of the pump, the net pump displacement and the pump intake pressure.

The Polished Rod transducer houses a small accelerometer for determination of position.  Acquiring and processing acceleration data is a more convenient and reliable technique for determining polished rod position than utilizing the troublesome, string-type potentiometer.

Included Software

  • TWM 2.0
  • QROD
  • AWP2000
  • Echometer HelpCenter


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