Pressure Transient Tester System



Product Number

EQ1060 / EQ1130

The Pressure Transient Tester System, is designed for acquisition and interpretation of:

  • Fluid level and bottomhole pressure in producing and static wells.
  • Programmed acquisition of pressure transient data.
  • Programmed monitoring of fluid level in wells.

The following summarizes the system configuration and products included in this package:

(A large gas cylinder and a pressure regulator should be ordered separately or obtained locally)

Additional Information

For pressure transient analysis, the liquid level depth, casing pressure and  well data information are processed to obtain bottomhole pressure. Data plots include casing pressure, liquid level depth and bottomhole pressure versus time.  Diagnostic plots, including Horner, log-log and MDH, are used to monitor the progress of the test. A BHP file is available for exporting data to other programs for a more rigorous analysis.

For liquid level tracking, the depth to the liquid level is continuously recorded and displayed as a function of time and compared to high and low liquid level alarm limits to warn the operator of abnormal conditions in the well.  Pressure is not recorded.

Acoustic pressure transient data acquisition and analysis and liquid level tracking measurements are performed automatically. The operator specifies the shot frequency and the data is acquired automatically while the unit runs unattended for several hours or days. The acoustic data is processed to determine the distance to the liquid level.

Included Software

  • TWM 2.0
  • Pressure Transient
  • Liquid Tracking
  • QROD
  • AWP2000
  • Echometer HelpCenter