RheoVADR® Rheometer

The Fann RheoVADR® Variable Automated Digital Rheometer gives new meaning to the term “stand-alone.”

No Computer Needed

An operator can record test data without connecting the instrument to a computer or network. Speed, viscosity, dial reading, and temperature are recorded for each test. Additional test data can be recorded on a USB flash drive. Plug a flash drive into the USB port, select a data recording speed, and touch the “Record” button or select a pre-programmed API tests. Data is captured in a standard CSV file that can be read by Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs. Data recordings are limited by the capacity of the flash drive.

Lab or Field

A Universal Power Adapter allows the RheoVADR® Rheometer to be used in the lab or in the field.

API Tests Pre-programmed

American Petroleum Institute standard drilling fluid and cement tests are pre-programmed into the RheoVADR® Rheometer. Detailed step by step instructions for each test are included in the manual.

The Fann RheoVADRs have been evaluated and are compliant with the following standards:

EN 61010-1:2010
UL 61010-1:2010
CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1-12

For further details, refer to the Declaration of Conformity.

Ordering Information

Part No. 102267855 – RheoVADR Rheometer with F1 Spring
Part No. 102406902 – RheoVADR Rheometer with F0.2 Spring
Part No. 102453150 – RheoVADR Rheometer with F2 Spring

This equipment is compatible with Fann’s DNA System.


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