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S20 advanced digital socket meter. Numerous communications options including power-line carrier and modbus and can accept pulse inputs from up to 4 other meters. Ideal for commercial and residential tenant billing retrofits where existing meter bases are available.

  • ‘Smart’ digital socket meters for residential and commercial retrofit applications.
  • Measurement Canada approved for legal tenant billing.
  • Available in any Jaw configuration – 4 Jaw, 5 Jaw, 7 Jaw, 13 Jaw.
  • 120V, 120/208V, 240V, 277/480V, 347/600V, and 600V Delta.
  • Up to 200A (larger amperage loads will require external current transformers.
  • Communication options: power-line carrier, modbus RS485, internal modem, BACNet.
  • Pulse Inputs: can accept up to 4 pulse inputs from gas, water or thermal meters.
  • Measures KWh, KW demand, V, A, Power Factor.
  • Cost effective meters for upgrading analog electricity meters to complete automated meter system.

Quadlogic Submetering

Quadlogic Controls provides a versatile line of revenue grade electricity meters. This electricity meter line includes digital socket meters, single-point CT rated meters, and multitenant CT rated meters. All smart meters can communicate with Quadlogic’s patented powerline carrier (PLC) communications, Modbus RS485, pulse output, or several other communications options. Gas, water and thermal meter inputs can be collected by the Quadlogic system. The meters are Measurement Canada approved for legal tenant metering.


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