Scan Transponder

The Scan Transponder is Quadlogic’s power-line carrier ‘hub’. It communicates with all Quadlogic meters within a property using the existing power-lines. This drastically reduces the installation costs of a meter system.

The Scan Transponder-5 is the central point for Quadlogic’s patented Power-line Carrier communications technology. The Scan Transponder-5 communicates with all of a property’s Quadlogic meters over the existing electrical distribution. The signals are capable of crossing over a transformer, so a Scan Transponder-5 on a 347/600 distribution can communciate with meters on the 120/208V side of a transformer. The Scan Transponder-5 then stores the meter data until it is collected by numerous software and web-based reporting options.

This form of Power Line Communications (PLC) is a Quadlogic patented two-way technology that is robust and reliable and is used by several utilities and thousands of properties across North and Central America.

Using the Scan Transponder-5 and Power-line Carrier technology dramatically reduce the costs of meter system installation, since there is no need to hard-wire all meters back to a central point. In many retrofit applications, hard-wiring is not an option. Furthermore, once a Scan Transponder-5 is in place, any additional meters added in the future are essentially ‘plug and play’, since they will communicate with the existing Scan Transponder-5.


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