Single Shot Acoustic Liquid Level System

The Single Shot Acoustic Liquid Level System is designed for acquisition and interpretation of:

  •  Fluid level and bottomhole pressure in producing and static wells.
  • Annular gas flow rate, gas-free liquid column height and pump submergence.
  • Well potential.

The following summarizes the system configuration and products included in this package:

Additional Information

After operator input, the computer activates the Remote Fire Gas Gun to create a pressure pulse that travels through the gas down the well. Acoustic reflections are detected by the microphone in the gas gun, digitized and stored in the computer. The TWM software digitally filters the stored signal at the precise collar frequency and automatically counts the number of collar reflections from the surface to the liquid level and determines the liquid level depth.

Simultaneously, the casing pressure is automatically acquired at 15 second intervals to determine if gas is flowing up the casing annulus and at what rate gas is flowing up the casing, and to calculate the gradient of the gaseous liquid column above the pump, if present. The gas-free liquid level, the pump intake pressure and the producing bottomhole pressure are determined from the analysis of the acquired data. The producing bottomhole pressure and reservoir pressure are processed using the Vogel IPR or the Productivity Index analysis to present the operator with the producing rate efficiency and the maximum potential rate of the well. Measurements can be quickly repeated to verify accuracy and stability of the well condition.

Included Software

  • TWM 2.0
  • QROD
  • AWP2000
  • Echometer HelpCenter


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