Wireless Water Meters

Wireless encoded hot and cold water submeters system with wireless communication capabilities. Multi-residential and retail developments nearing completion or retrofits can get all the benefits of a wired M-Bus system, now with wireless technology. Sold as a complete wireless solution including GWF hot and cold water meters and MeterConnex, QMC’s web-based technology that easily turns meter data into reports, tenant billing or analytics.

  1. MDT – The QMC Wireless Metering Data Transceiver records data from the encoded water meters and transmits to the repeater or master. It is compatible with most main building utility meters and the GWF Encoded line of products.
  2. RF –  Network Diversity Repeater from QMC receives radio messages from MDTs and other repeaters and then transmits the message with its high power radio toward the data-collecting DCAP. The repeater extends the range of the two-way radio signals between MDTs and DCAP.
  3. DCAP –  The QMC Data Concentrating Access Point/Master is the heart of the system and incorporates a powerful computer and integrated radio transceiver. It communicates with the MDTs and Repeaters and stores all meter interval data.


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