Hamdon Oil and Gas provides equipment training, equipment repair, regulatory compliance and optimization services that enhances and sustains well efficiency and production. With effective optimization solutions and a mobile service fleet, Hamdon Oil and Gas offers a diverse selection of optimization equipment and professional expertise across Canada and internationally.

Production Optimization

  • Acoustic Fluid Level Survey
  • Dynamometer Surveys
  • Foam Depression Tests
  • Plunger Lift Optimization
  • Static Bottom Hole Pressure Calculations
  • Equipment Rentals

Equipment Training Services

  • On-site field training
  • Online webinar training (Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams)

Equipment Repair Services

  • Echometer Maintenance & Repair
  • Fann Calibration and Repair

Regulatory Compliance

  • AWS Pressure Transient Surveys
  • Packer Isolation Testing
  • Surface Casing Vent Flow Testing
  • Gas Migration Testing