Regulatory Compliance

As the demands placed by the government on oil and gas companies, private sector and environmental groups increase, it is important to ensure operations are current and meeting the ever-changing regulatory guidelines. In addition to production optimization, Hamdon provides a range of wellsite services that are conducted to maintain compliance within the parameters set out by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and other regulatory agencies. Typically these services are conducted on a yearly basis, reported and submitted to the local regulatory agencies.

Refer to AER Interim Directive reporting processes for isolation packer test results, surface casing vent flows (SCVFs), gas migration (GM), and casing failure guidelines and procedures.


AWS Pressure Transient Surveys

The Acoustic Well Sounder (AWS) Survey determines the reservoir pressures and characteristics on oil, gas and water injection wells by performing a pressure build-up, flow or fall-off test. Automated well-head equipment is attached to a well to measure the fluid level, casing head pressure and surface temperature at a predetermined schedule for a period of time necessary to accurately determine the reservoir characteristics. These characteristics include: reservoir pressure, skin damage, reservoir boundaries, communication, production capabilities and more.

Packer Isolation Testing

Annual packer isolation tests should be performed to follow AER Directive ID-2003-01 Sec 1 to determine the integrity of the packer. Hamdon’s qualified technicians, following the recommended test procedures set out by the AER will conduct an evaluation of the hydraulic isolation of the tubing/casing annulus. All results are completed and recorded on the AER forms for submission.

Surface Casing Vent Flow Testing

Surface Casing Vent Flow (SCVF) is the flow of gas and/or liquid or any combination out of the surface casing/casing annulus (often referred to as internal migration). Wells are susceptible to vent leaks throughout their lifetime. Frequent testing is required to determine if there is any internal migration of gases or liquids up the surface casing vent. Hamdon will perform these tests annually or as needed per AER Directive ID-2003-01 Sec 2 requirements to measure the gas flow and pressure build-up within the surface casing to determine if a serious leak exists.

Gas Migration Testing

Gas Migration (GM) is a flow of gas that is detectable at surface outside of the outermost casing string (often referred to as external migration or seepage). A GM is serious if there is a fire or public safety hazard or off-lease environmental damage, such as groundwater contamination. A GM is non-serious if it has not been classified as serious migration. Hamdon will perform these tests as per AER Directive ID-2003-01 Sec 2.